Direct-Weather Injection-Molded Enclosures

One Systems designs and builds high intelligibility premium loudspeakers that deliver top-class performance that are impervious to any weather condition. One Systems models aren’t just speakers with direct-weather capability – they’re incredible, high-performance speakers that can be used outdoors or inside.


One Systems designs products from scratch and builds its own drivers using advanced acoustic technologies like our patented Equivalent Throat Technology™ and Inside/Only Voice Coil™ designs that ensure high vocal intelligibility, superb full-range frequency response and genuine musical clarity for the best possible sound in any environment. One Systems models deliver years of premium audio performance for applications in any weather condition.


With One Systems, complete weatherproofing is a standard feature of every model. All One Systems models employ weather-resistant features like our 3-layer stainless steel “rain shield” grille that keeps rain and snow away from the systems’ transducers. Our super-tough enclosures are made of weather and UV-resistant copolymer, fiberglass and specially treated marine-grade plywood. All models have stainless steel inserts and heavy metal support structures designed to deliver incredible mounting flexibility and >8:1 safety factor ratings even in extreme weather conditions.


Every One Systems product undergoes 100% testing to ensure conformance with specifications, consistency and high reliability. To show our confidence in what we build, every One Systems product is backed by a 5-year warranty (see our limited warranty statement for details).

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The 104/HTH is 4.5-inch two-way small format system with a unique value proposition: it delivers class-leading vocal and music reproduction thanks to its well-designed components plus it provides true direct weather capability, including use on ships or near the ocean thanks to the high corrosion resistance of its Hybrid grille and marine stainless steel hardware. The 104/HTH's large voice coil transducers eliminate the need for any type of sound-killing passive protection while delivering pure audio performance. The 104/HTH includes a 316 marine-grade U-Bracket in paintable black or white finishes.


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The 106/HTH provides an unbeatable combination of excellent sound quality and good acoustic output for its size as well as universal direct weather performance. Unlike typical small-format systems, the 106/HTH uses a compression driver with an 110o x 70o CD horn that delivers excellent vocal intelligibility with excellent transients and impressive projection. Its 6.5-inch woofer features a large-sized 1.75-inch voice coil that provides good power handling yet doesn't require passive protection. The 106/HTH is a high performance solution for demanding applications.


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The 108/HTC combines an 8-inch woofer equipped with a 2.5-inch voice coil with a coaxially mounted medium-format compression driver. The coaxial HF driver mounting ensures zero horn coloration and eliminates sonic smear caused by multiple sound sources. It delivers high vocal intelligibility with good bandwidth for music reproduction. The 108/HTC delivers high output-to-size ratio and its multiple M8 fly points make it easy and secure for installation for indoor or outdoor applications. For near field and medium-range coverage, the 108/HTC is sonically superior and budget-friendly.


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The 108/HTH is the epitome of flexibility: it includes a long-throw 60o x 40o rotatable horn driven by a medium-format compression driver, but it also comes with a rotatable wide-throw 105o x 60o horn too. The 108/HTH's combination of rotatable long and wide-throw horns, wide frequency response, beefy components and solid power handling provides excellent performance for a variety of applications. Its built-in 3-tap transformer provides 70.7 – 100 volt taps at 37.5, 75 and 150 watts or it can be powered as an 8-ohm system too. The 108/HTH's sound quality, build quality and and flexibility makes it a perfect solution for many pro audio applications.


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The 208/HTC is a two-element vertical array system that delivers impressive output capability, high intelligibility and wide response from its small-sized enclosure. In the low frequency range, the speaker's two 8-inch woofers combine their output to produce well-balanced low end to 65 Hz. Thanks to its coaxial design, mids and highs are flawlessly reproduced without horn coloration or delay distortions. It can be used for applications where 12-inch systems would typically be used but require a more compact sized alternative. The 208/HTC includes a 70.7 - 100 volt transformer and can be oriented vertically or horizontally to match the application's need.


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The 112/HTH provides high-level acoustic output with extended low-frequency response from a reasonably sized, direct weather capable enclosure. The 112/HTH's combination of large-format ET-1 compression driver and powerful 12-inch woofer with a 4-inch voice coil provides superb intelligibility, extended bandwidth and superior dynamic range. The 112/HTH comes with a large-sized, rotatable 60o x 40o horn, but also accommodates a rotatable 105o x 60o when wide coverage is required. The 112/HTH's combination of wide bandwidth, projection capability and the flexibility of multiple coverage patterns and Lo-Z or Hi-Z operation make it a versatile pro audio tool.


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The 212/HC is a dual 12-inch vertical array that produces high-SPL program material with superb intelligibility. The 212/HC’s combination of coaxially mounted large-format compression driver and powerful 12-inch woofers with 4-inch voice coils provides beautifully detailed vocals and music with enough output to cover large spaces outdoors or indoors. The 212/HC uses the cone of its
upper woofer to direct its output providing 60o coverage without horn coloration or time domain distortions. This enables the system to be installed horizontally or vertically and provides excellent pattern control. Widely used in large sports venues, the 212/HC delivers impressive sound quality and high output capability.


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The 312/HC is a 3-element vertical array that delivers very high output vocal material and wide-range music with superior intelligibility. In the 312/HC, the low end and mid frequencies are reproduced by 3 x One Systems 12-inch woofers equipped with 4-inch voice coils. The bottom woofer is frequency-shaded at 400 Hz to help improve directional control. The top driver has a One Systems large-format HF driver mounted coaxially and uses the woofer's cone to project its output delivering 60o conical coverage. The result is beautifully balanced sound that is delivered where the speaker is aimed. The 312/HC offers a perfect solution for covering large areas outdoors or in reverberant indoor spaces.


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The CrossField Array-2/HTH (CFA-2/HTH) is a two-way long-throw speaker with high intelligibility, wide frequency response and prodigious acoustic output for long-throw applications. Thanks to its high sensitivity and large power handling, the CrossField Array-2/HTH can deliver high SPL at impressive distances. The CFA-2/HTH can be powered as a 4-ohm system (1,200 watts continuous) or a high-impedance (autoformer taps at 150, 300 and 600 watts). The CFA-2/HTH's hand-laminated, gel-coated enclosure its extraordinarily compact for such a high-output system.The CFA-2/HTH's delivers unprecedented performance, flexibility and value.


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The 118/HSB subwoofer is a necessity (and perfect upgrade path) for systems that want low-frequency impact that the audience can feel. It combines a powerful One Systems 18I/O woofer and an extremely weather-resistant molded enclosure that's well tuned to provide solid 40 Hz (-3 dB) performance. The 118/HSB can be installed using a range of One Systems suspension hardware to customize it for a variety of placement. The 118/HSB's high output-to-size ratio and deep bass capability make it a great addition to any audio system.


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