NEW from Williams AV - CA C3 Caption Assist






Caption Assist is an Al-based, real-time, in-person, open captioning and text archiving system. Powered by Google's artificial intelligence platform, Caption Assist has the ability to transcribe up to 27 languages and 70+ dialects with up to 94% accuracy.


The Caption Assist is an alternative solution for assistive listening needs and has the ability to enhance learning experiences in education and corporate markets that use video presentations, online training, webinars and video calls. It is also ideal for live in-person applications in markets such as houses of worship and courtrooms. The benefits of captioning make Caption Assist a great fit for people who are visual learners, learning a new language or are hard of hearing.




• Real-time open captioning

• 27+ available languages and >70 dialects

• Billing handled directly on app using the google Play or Apple App Store on any iOS and Android device

• Flexibility to change text size, color, background, location and alignment


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PureLink - Broadcast Streaming Solutions









Whether setting up a single camera or a full studio, PureLink’s broadcast solutions are purpose-designed to offer easy implementation and flexible options to fit your need. PureLink’s streaming broadcast packages can be integrated in a wide range of applications such as remote workspace, classrooms, house of worship, and production/staging – to get you online with minimal setup and simple operation.


Offered in a variety of pre-packaged bundles:


Standard (1 or 2 cameras)

Our standard streaming packages offer simple broadcast setup options for live streaming from your home, office, or classroom.


Enhanced (2 or 3 cameras)

Our enhanced streaming packages offer simple broadcast setup options for live streaming with broadcast switching.


Premium (2 or 3 cameras)

Our premium streaming packages offer simple broadcast setup options for live streaming with broadcast switching and camera control.





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Williams AV - IR+








The IR+ features a distributed infrared emitter array architecture allowing up to four emitters either stacked together for large room arrays or distributed throughout the room to accommodate wings in room design, balconies or other obscured venue locations.


The rack mounted or remotely located IR M1 Control Center comes standard with support for up to four IR emitters. Each emitter runs back to the modulator via a CAT5e cable, providing the audio and power needed to support the remote emitter. Each emitter has a coverage area of 18,000 sq. ft.


The IR+ Control Center can also provide audio over Wi-Fi. Connect the IR M1 to a Wi-Fi multicast router or in-house network you can stream audio over Wi-Fi to the Williams AV WaveCAST app (available in the iOS app store or Google Play store).






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One Systems

ONE.SP8 - All-Weather Loudspeaker





The One Systems' ONE.SP8 is a weather protected medium format sound reinforcement system. The one piece rotomolded enclosure is constructed from UV resistant polyethylene and features a 35mm pole mount socket to mount of top of a standard speaker pole. The enclosure is ported to aid low frequency extension, and the 8" driver is horn loaded to achieve higher SPL than would otherwise be possible. There are 5 integrated rigging points, which can be used in conjunction with the included U Bracket kit for mounting to walls or ceilings. When pole mounting is required, an optional Pole Mount Kit can be purchased. The grill is made from CNC punched steel and coated in a two-layer zinc rich, UV resistant powder coat finish.


The 8" woofer uses a treated cone paper pulp for resistance against water and dry rot. The high energy ferrite magnetics ensure high SPL for maximum coverage from a small system. The high frequency driver is mounted in front of the woofer to a large mouthed horn. This allows the compression driver to be crossed over at a lower frequency to maintain full pattern control across the entire frequency spectrum.


The ONE.SP8 is well suited to outdoor environments where a reliable, weatherproof system is specified. The line matching transformer allows connection to a high voltage line to minimize cable losses over long cable runs, further improving the usability of the system.


U-Bracket is included


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SoundTube - IPD-Series

Dante-enabled IP audio distribution






Dante-enabled digital audio systems can now extend all the way to the end point in an installation. SoundTube’s IPD Speaker Series brings the convenience of Dante control and management to in-ceiling and surface-mount speakers. With a single category cable, you can run audio and up to 40 watts per channel PoE to a speaker. Every digital low latency speaker in a SoundTube IPD system is individually addressable and self-monitoring. And, because these speakers are set up and managed via software, zoning is easy and there’s no need to re-wire anything if system requirements change. We offer four in-ceiling IPD models and one surface-mount model, and our new IPD-RS pendant is coming soon.In addition, our IPD4 speakers give you an economical way to expand audio coverage in a Dante system. With an IPD4 speaker, up to three additional non-Dante SoundTube speakers may be added, and powered, to run off of a single Dante-enabled speaker. Click the below link for more information.


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All Dante systems will need specific software to route signal paths. Audinate’s Dante Controller can be used for this and can be downloaded here.
Dante Controller Software





Cloud Contractor Series











Cloud's CONTRACTOR SERIES is a value line of electronics and speakers targeted at entry solution and applications.


It is a high quality range of electronic components and speakers that delivers exceptional value for money, sonmic performance and reliability.





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Hall Research VERSA 4K

4K Video & USB over IP





The VERSA-4K provides the means to extend and switch multiple HDMI video and USB data to virtually an unlimited number of receivers on a simple Gigabit network. Bidirectional IR, RS-232, and auxiliary stereo audio can also be extended. Advanced features include, low latency video and audio, CEC and Serial over IP for control, video wall processor to expand and split 4K video on to multiple screens, video rotation and flipping (horizontal and vertical), USB Device class filtering for excluding specific USB device types such as USB flash drives, automatic KVM switching, Telnet and webGUI control, Dynamic Virtual Matrix™ (DVM) operation, PoE (power over Ethernet) support, and more.


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