Welcome to the Rockustics sound adventure…

…where the highest quality outdoor speakers are combined with authentic environmental design to transform your outdoor space into a high-fidelity paradise. When it comes to audio and artistic perfection, Rockustics leaves no stone unturned.

Audiophiles will appreciate the high-fidelity acoustics that are a result of our demanding design specifications. This is achieved through a combination of non-parallel enclosure walls that minimize unnatural resonances, high frequency lift for maximum dispersion in the open air and professionally designed crossovers and components.

Those with an eye for beauty will appreciate Rockustics natural and authentic looking cabinet designs. The wide range of cabinet designs and the standard collection of colors complement the most popular landscaping features found in residential and commercial environments. For unique landscapes, Rockustics will customize any number of units to ensure these cutting edge products will sound great and look great in any outdoor environment.





Rock Series

Rockustics pioneered custom outdoor speakers in 1985 and was granted a US patent in 1987. Our philosophy has always been to build the "world's best" outdoor speakers. To this day, Rockustics is the leading manufacturer of outdoor speakers. The sculpted grille openings in the speaker faces are specifically designed to provide you with a transparent acoustic path that makes Rockustics the best speakers in the industry. Judge for yourself and experience a Rockustics speaker at a dealer near you. Rockustics speakers are proudly made in the USA. The following standard finishes are available for each Rock Series speaker (custom colors available upon request):


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Garden Series

Planters and OmniPlanters are a unique solution for high-fidelity sound on a deck or patio. Our Garden Series, as with all of the Rockustics products, are built "tough" and withstand even the harshest elements. Rockustics was the first and is still the best sounding Planter speaker.

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Landscape Series - Premium in-Ground Subwoofer

The Escape series includes 4" and 6" spike- or pole-mounted Periscape speakers and in-ground Subscape subwoofers with 8", 10" or 12" drivers. Designed to provide discreet directional audio in attractive enclosures, multiple Periscape 4 or Periscape 6 speakers can be installed as desired within residential areas or outdoor commercial settings such as hotel pool areas, courtyards, sidewalks or cafés.

Users can choose one or more Subscape subwoofers – the Subscape 8, Subscape 10 or Subscape 12 models – to complement the Periscape units and supply bass coverage throughout the listening area.


All models have 70V transformers with multiple tap settings and can also be operated in an 8-ohm direct mode. Systems may be configured with any number of Periscape speakers, with a minimum suggested complement of four Periscape units and one Subscape subwoofer. Additional subwoofers are recommended for installations that may use more than eight Periscape speakers.

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Subsub Series - Premium in-Ground Subwoofer

The Rockustics SubSub is a premium in-ground subwoofer. The SubSub is a cylindrical structure made of proprietary resin composite to prevent breakdown. The SubSub is to be buried underground with only a small port protruding from the ground. A small rock vent cover, available in brown, sandstone and grey, will be included. The fully weatherproof, in-ground enclosure is designed to withstand rain, frost, snow and ice. Its natural, weathered stone aesthetic makes the SubSub an ideal choice for theme parks, promenades, playgrounds, shopping malls, restaurants, resorts, gardens and other outdoor applications. The SubSub vent cover utilizes a sedimentary rock design to match its natural environment. Color Options: brown, gray or sandstone. Custom colors are also available upon request.

Available in 10", 12" or 15" versions

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