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For well over three decades Cloud has led the field in high-quality commercial audio systems. Over this time the world's most prestigious and respected brand names have turned to us without question, again and again. Blue-chip brands from the world of high street retail, international hotel chains, museums, entertainment venues, health and fitness centres: they all choose Cloud. The reason? Together we share an uncompromising commitment to excellence. We understand the importance of reliability in our respective enterprises. We know that quality pays for itself in the end, many times over.

Our clients value clear and faultless sound that is easily managed and consistently trouble free. Cloud enjoys a worldwide reputation for delivering exactly that, a reputation won almost entirely through word of mouth. Performance over time is the only benchmark, and we set that benchmark. All of our products are backed with a five-year guarantee.







MA40 Series- Mini Amplifier Series


The new MA40F Mini Amplifier features a mono 40W output (4Ω), two stereo line inputs with individual input gain, an additional 70V/100V line input, a paging microphone input with independent EQ, music EQ, music mute (for simple fire alarm connection) and a facility port allowing Cloud’s LM-2A wall input module and Cloud’s new BT-1FA Bluetooth wireless audio module to be connected easily.


The MA40T offers identical features to the MA40 but provides 100V output (25V/70V/100V) in place of the low-impedance output.



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BT-1FA - Bluetooth Wireless Audio Module - Facility Port


Introducing the NEW Bluetooth Wireless Audio Module. The BT-1FA is a remote wall-mounting input module for use with Cloud products fitted with an RJ45 Facility Port. The BT-1FA enables compatible portable devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones to stream audio wirelessly to the interface, and thereinto the audio system of the Zone where the interface is installed. .


The BT-1FA is exceptionally simple to install; the rear RJ45 connector is wired to one of the host unit's Facility Ports with a single shielded Cat5 cable using standard shielded RJ45 connectors at each end. The Cat5 cable carries DC power as well as balanced audio. The BT-1FA will route an (L+R) mono sum of the streamed audio to the host unit and is compatible with the Cloud products which are fitted with RJ45 Facility Ports, or to any other system using the Cloud FPA-1 interface..


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Cloud Speakers - Taking Sound Quality to New Heights


Introducing the NEW ceiling mounted and surface mounted speakers from Cloud Electronics.Featuring exceptional intelligibility and musical performance. Using premium drivers and electronics, the Cloud Speakers offer high sensitivity, smooth frequency response and excellent off-axis performance. All models offer ZeroEdge™ magnetic grilles which reveal the high/low impedance switch settings for ditributed audio systems.


Designed exclusively for Cloud Electronics in the USA by a specialist team of speaker design engineers, the new CS-C and CS-S Series speakers are extremely installer friendly and are tuned to complement the Cloud range of amplifiers and mixer amplifiers. Built for quality performance Cloud speakers are designed and tested to a superior standard by engineers who care and include a comprehensive 5-Year commercial warranty.


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DCM1e - Ethernet Digital Control Mixer


The DCM1e is the new Ethernet version of the popular DCM1 Digital Control Zone Mixer. The addition of an Ethernet port allows the in-built Ethernet web-server to be connected via an RJ-45 cable to any independent or existing wireless router. These new features mean the new DCM1e can be configured and controlled remotely by any mobile device connected to the network. Using the web browser of any mobile or fixed devise the End User has "limited installer defined" controls via 4 simple and intuitive interface pages. The Installer has administrator statues via "Configuration Options" which are password protected.


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ZK4MK4 and Z8MK4 - 4 and 8 Zones Mixer


The Z4MK4 and Z8MK4 are the latest version of the ever popular Z Series of Cloud Zoner Mixers. The latest upgrade includes RJ45 connectors for much easer wiring of the NEW LM-2A Active Facility Input Plates along with changes to the Mic Input Sockets from XLR to Phoenix style connectors. The addition of a new RJ45 THRU/IN terminals allows for the simple connection of Cloud Digital Paging Microphones and the addition of four balanced inputs add to the flexibility and increased installer friendliness.


The Z4MK4 and Z8MK4 offer direct connection of up to six music sources, two microphones and a paging mic, all of which can be selected to operate in up to eight different output zones, in any combination.


The Z4MK4 and Z8MK4 are a complete solution for multi-zone, multi functional venues. With the ability to accept an array of input sources such as MP3, Hardisc, CD, Video, Satellite etc., the Z4MK4 & Z8MK4 are an ideal choice. They have been developed specifically to meet these needs and can act as a user friendly master control for the entire sound system. Connecting the LM-2A active modules extends the versatility of the units allowing designers to provide simple, cost effective solutions to many customers' requirements that are difficult to achieve with other manufacturers' products.


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46/120Media - 4 Zone Integrated Mixer Amplifier


The 46-120Media 4-Zone Integrated Mixer Amplifier offers simple direct connection of two microphones and six music sources which can be routed to feed four different output zones with up to 120W (4ohm or 70V/100V with optional internal transformer modules) of clean audio power per zone. The 46-120's music programme and level can be controlled remotely via the connection of an optional RSL-6 / RSL-6A Remote Source / Volume Select Plate. A paging facility is available with the optional PM-Series paging microphones. An optional interface card (CDI-46) provides a digital paging connection via RJ-45, an RS-232 control connection and an ethernet connection to an on-board web server. In addition the 46-120Media version offers an on-board MP3 player which allows playback content on SD Card/USB Flash Drive to be selected in any of the four zones.


So, if a simple one-box solution is required for a larger four zone venue, look no further than the Cloud Electronics 46-120Media.


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