Positioning the sound where it needs to be.

HyperSound® Pro Audio is a disruptive audio innovation that is highly-directional and can drive immersive, virtual reality audio experiences within commercial applications. HyperSound® Pro Audio's proprietary technology provides an effective means of projecting sound in a highly directional manner, without using large loudspeaker arrays, to form sharp directional beams. This is the most directional audio solution available — giving designers the unique ability to control the footprint of audio.


HyperSound is an innovation in audio that uses a thin film to generate an ultrasonic beam of sound. Like a flashlight controls a ray of light, HyperSound directs sound in a narrow beam limiting it to a specific location, creating a precise audio zone. When an individual enters the beam's radius, they hear immersive 3D audio, similar to wearing a surround sound headset.


The combination of exceptional control over the placement of audio, and the immersive quality of the sound, makes HyperSound a disruptive innovation that has the potential to dramatically change commercial, consumer, and hearing health markets.








H3000-EB / H3000-EW

Directional Speaker (Black or White)


Requires H3000 Amplifier.


Small speaker size, lightweight. Easy integration into commercial applications. Multiple mounting options, easy to mount, very thin and flat


Highly directional. Creates tight audio zones. Isolates sound to a specific region or person. Diminishes sound bleed and noise pollution. Communicate audio over long distance while maintaining intelligibility. Effective in high ambient noise environments.


Can act as a virtual audio source. Sound can be projected from surface.


Ability to target each ear individually. Produces 3D audio effects.




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Power Amplifier for H3000-EB/EW Directional Speakers


15W Customized Class D digital Power Amplifier.


Proprietary and patented DSP processing.


Innovative techniques generate low distortion and enhanced frequency response to support a multitude of directed audio applications


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