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Waves System, a French company founded in 1985, have been specialising in interactive technology since 2002 with a range of audio players and accessories produced under its ID-AL brand. Designed and manufactured in France, these flexible products have been created to meet the requirements of interactive exhibits and installations within museums, heritage centres, entertainment areas, public spaces, hospitality and audio marketing.


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Event Video Player

Multipurpose Show Control and 4K audio / video player


Show control player for audio, 4K video and DMX/Art-Net


An all-in-one system meeting the needs for screening, sound, and light and motion management.


Specially designed for today’s multi-sensory projects including video, sound, lights, motion control or scent spreading.


A large spectrum of usages is possible: showcase heritage, a piece of art, bring a shop window to life, control an aquatic show, create an escape game scenario, etc., among other things...The Event VideoPlayer technology allows you to master the sound, light and video elements to generate special effects before, during, and after the show.

Configurable and standalone thanks to playback scheduling, the Event VideoPlayer also features autoplayer after power-on and flexible interactivity supporting push-buttons, motion sensors, Ethernet and RS-232.

Ease your installations with the use of the built-in amplifier and simply connect passive speakers.


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My Video Player

My Video Player, mighty and multipurpose 4K audio / video player.


Looking for a mighty and multipurpose audio video player for your playback scenario?


VP320 & VP330 - Versatile and cost-effective.


Backed by its multipurpose specifications, the My Video Player product range is designed to fulfill a wide variety of projects.


When the player is switched on, the playback precisely respects your scenario. Manage the player with Ethernet, play a content at precise date and time, control the playback with push buttons or sensors and use numerous devices simultaneously with a sync functionality: various functions of control and management are proposed.


The My Video Player range is an unrivaled solution for the playback of video files, slide shows and audio files supporting 4K UHD with HDR.

Many integrated functionalities minimize your costs of installation, such as a built-in amplifier, a headphone output, and a 4 GB internal memory.

The VP330 model offers extensive interactivity.


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Micro Player mkIII

Micro Player mkIII, cost-effective interactive multipurpose audio player


The MicroPlayer mkIII is a standalone audio player supporting WAV and MP3 files stored on an SD card or a USB flash drive. Files are played automatically according to an “AutoPlay” setting or a triggering by external events (dry-contact inputs, RS-232 serial commands, etc.).


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ChronoPlayer, programmable interactive audio player


The ChronoPlayer is a powerful and easy to install audio unit aiming at playing messages, sounds, music according to a schedule.

Its performances linked to its dry contact logic, its ability to be remotely controlled via RS-232 or via its timestamped programming software make the ChronoPlayer a versatile audio tool for a wide spectrum of use.

The audio files (MP3, WAV) are stored on an SD/SDHC card or a USB flash drive, within folders. The naming of the folders, with digits and optional tags, defines the playback behavior of the ChronoPlayer.


For use in:

• Schools: customized sounds for beginning and end of lessons, welcoming, informative or security messages, musics

• Public spaces: information for customers and service users.

• Factories: break announcements, information along production lines

• Retails: store advertisements, information and commercials, vendor call


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NanoPlayer box

NanoPlayer box, interactive, amplified and compact audio player


The NanoPlayer box delivers WAV/MP3 audio content automatically upon the switching on of the player (autoplay), interactively via an input contact or via the infrared remote control.


From a small size, the NanoPlayer box gets settled in various contexts. The audio files are stored on a SD card and organised simply, with a file manager. The naming and the structure of the audio files define their playback.


The double amplifier allows the connection of two headsets or two audio solutions MonoEarphone ID-AL©. The NanoPlayer box features a 2x8 W amplifier in order to connect two passives speakers.


The interactivity of the NanoPlayer box resides in the trigger of the audio files with an input contact via a push button, a motion sensor or any other electric event. The trigger and the change of the playback as well as the volume setting can also be managed by the infrared remote control (in option).


Ideal to bring an audio perspective into any spaces, in money-saving installations, to spread messages to an audience or to install a sound system in public spaces, the NanoPlayer box is a versatile and cost-effective audio solution.


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My Music Player

My Music Player, Background Music Player


The My Music Player has been designed to broadcast, automatically and unattended, a large volume of music and messages. The system reads MP3 and Wav files stored in a hard disk, USB flash Memory or a SD Card and plays tracks in random or sequential mode. You can also create M3U playlist to control your music.


My Music Player is the ideal solution for broadcasting background music and commercial / promotional pre-recorded messages. Using the free ID-AL Scheduler software, you can create a grid for each day to control the player. (Play message, change music style, modify volume, select a web radio, select Aux input ...). You can update the media with the USB link and a computer, replace easily the media or using ethernet link (FTP upload and download).


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My Music Player LE

My Music Player LE, Background Music Player

Sensory branding, background music, advertising, or informative message; a wide spectrum of playback usages is allowed within public spaces with the My Music Player LE. This amplified audio player is designed to meet the requirements and the flexibility related to the management of soundscapes.


The My Music Player LE may be used to:

• Customize a soundscape

• Play local files and audio streams

• Accurately schedule a broadcast

• Manage smartly the audio messages

• Control the player remotely

• Easily and automatically update its contents


The My Music Player LE stems from the expertise of the French company, Waves System: a stakeholder of the market of the interactive audio and video solutions since 2002.


Standalone and remotely manageable, its low consumption, its long-term reliability, its appropriate connectors and its tiny size bestow upon him the assets of a skillful audio player matching a high level of demand. Amplified, the player only necessitates a simple direct connection to speakers.


A timestamped programming software is provided with the My Music Player LE. It allows to create and manage timetables of playbacks in order to adapt messages, music styles, volume settings in order to suit a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual calendar.


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