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Hall Research is a leader in the design and manufacture of innovative Video over CATx, matrix switchers, scaling and automation products.
As the creators of the device that revolutionized Video over Cat5, the Mini-Cat®, Hall Research has risen to prominence in the Audio/Video industry. Our products are used by every major industry in thousands of installations worldwide. Application areas include::

  • Corporate A/V Presentation Systems
  • Medical Imaging
  • Defense and Aerospace
  • Airport Security
  • Broadcast Industry
  • Courtroom Evidence Presentation
  • Schools and Training Facilities


From our research and manufacturing headquarters located in Tustin, California, the team at Hall Research is committed to providing state-of-the-art solutions for your most demanding needs.








4K 4X4 HDMI Matrix Switch with simultaneous HDMI and HDBaseT outputs


As a member of Genesis Digital Matrix™ series of switchers, the HSM-44-BX  matrix provides exceptional quality, intuitive operation and powerful control methods that are hallmarks of Hall Research's video matrix switches.


The 4K matrix is a 4x4 cross-point switch in a compact 1-RU enclosure. Each output has integrated video splitter so that simultaneous  HDMI and HDBaseT are provided.


The HDBaseT outputs extend HDMI, IR, RS-232, Ethernet, and Power over a single CAT6 cable to 100m  (328 ft). The HDBaseT outputs are compatible with all compliant HDBaseT receivers such as the Hall Research's HBX-R which is a cost effective Receiver that provides HDMI, IR, RS-232 and IP (Ethernet) extension and gets its power from the matrix for maximum convenience.   


The HSM-44-BX  supports HDMI resolutions up to 4K @ 30 Hz 4:4:4 and 4K @ 60 Hz 4:2:0. It also supports HDCP 2.2 and 1.4, 3D, deep-color. PCM, Dolby, DTS, and HD audio standards. The matrix intelligently calculates EDID for each input based on the EDID of the connected sinks.


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4K 8X8 HDMI Matrix Switch with IR, RS-232, and IP Control


Supports 4K UHD resolution

HDCP 2.2 and HDCP 1.4 compliant

Fast-Switch™ technology

RS232, IP, IR and intuitive front panel control

Two-line character LCD on front panel for status indication

Uses Hall Research Genesis™ Control Command Set (GCCS)


The 4K matrix is an 8x8 cross-point switch in a compact 1-RU enclosure. It supports HDMI resolutions up to 4K @ 30 Hz 4:4:4 and 4K @ 60 Hz 4:2:0. It also supports HDCP 2.2 and 1.4, 3D, deep-color. PCM, Dolby, DTS, and HD audio standards. The matrix intelligently calculates EDID for each input based on the EDID of the connected sinks.

Users are able to save and recall multiple matrix routing configuration PRESETs. HDMI outputs can also be blanked. The matrix includes a two-line character LCD on its front panel in order to display the current video routing and to facilitate creating or recalling Presets.

The HSM-88-4K matrix is ideal for conference rooms, multimedia presentations, digital signage, houses of worship, and many other settings.


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4K HDMI Audio Extractor with Audio Amplifier, RS-232 and IP Control


4K HDMI audio extractor with EDID management

Built-in 50 watt audio amp for direct connection to 8 Ohm speakers

Separate analog audio input for connection of line-level mics or other audio inputs

Volume control via, front panel, RS-232, Digital Pot (rotary encoder), and IP

Volume, Audio Mix, and TV power control via built-in WebGUI or Telnet

2nd RS-232 port for controlling auxiliary devices


The EMX-I-AMP is a 4K HDMI Audio Extractor with built-in 50 watt audio amplifier for direct connection of 8 ohm speakers. The device also provides line-level stereo Aux audio input and allows audio mixing of  HDMI audio with the Aux input. Volume can be controlled from the front panel, RS-232, IP or external digital rotary pot (encoder) that can be mounted on a wall-plate.
The EMX-I-AMP also features a second independent RS-232 output port that can be used to control other devices such as a video projector. Using the primary RS-232 input, the user can send power on/off commands to the display through the secondary RS-232 port. Full EDID management is provided with the ability to learn, download, upload, emulate or pass-thru EDID. A USB port is featured on the front panel that can be used to configure EDID behavior, update firmware, and more.


The EMX-I-AMP can be used as a stand-alone control system since it has the ability to store power ON and OFF commands for connected displays. Users can recall those commands, or it can operate autonomously where upon detecting video, it outomatically sends an ON command and once there is no video, after a programmable delay it sends an OFF command to the connected display.


The EMX-I-AMP has the ability to control volume, Aux input mix, and control power of connected display. The EMX-I-AMP features built-in WebGUI that can be accessed from any PC or smartphone, and it also includes a full set of Telnet commands for advanced installations with 3rd party LAN-based control systems.


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** The Hall Research EX-HDU was awarded Best of Show by Tech & Learning at InfoComm 2018 **


HDMI and USB Extension on CAT6 with Audio and Integrated Control


Extends HDMI + USB 2.0 to 200 ft (60 m) on one Cat 6 cable

Supports HDTV resolutions to 1080p 60 Hz

Wall plate sender has 2-port hub for connection to USB devices to the host PC

Receiver provides HDMI, 4 USB ports, RS-232 for display control, contact closure I/O, and Stereo Audio outputs

Perfect for Interactive displays, Soft CODECs, and KVM extension

Wall plate does not require separate power supply


The EX-HDU is used to extend HDMI video and USB data on a single Cat6 cable up to 200 ft (60 meters). HDMI audio is extracted and is provided both as analog stereo and multi-channel digital. The EX-HDU can also be used to control other equipment by providing programmable contact closure I/O, RS-232 output, IR output, and optional LAN interface with internal WebGUI and IP control.


The EX-HDU extender consists of an EX-HDU-WP single-gang wall plate transmitter and an EX-HDU-R (or EX-HDU-R-IP) receiver. They connect using standard CAT5e/6 UTP cabling up to 200 feet (60 Meters) long.


The wall-plate Sender gets its power from the Receiver via the same UTP cable and does not need a separate power supply. For convenience, the wall plate features a USB hub with two USB ports for connection of USB devices. The plug-and-play extender is compatible with all PCs, MACs, and Android Tablets and does not require driver installation. Simply plug the PC's HDMI and USB ports to the sender and make them available at the remote receiver.


The Receiver provides HDMI video output, stereo audio output, 4 USB ports, IR output, and a terminal strip that has RS-232 output plus 4 programmable digital I/O ports. A mini-USB port is also provided for configuration upload from a PC for cases where the Receiver is used also as a control system.


Receiver with IP connectivity is the model EX-HDU-R-IP. It provides an ETHERNET port for control via IP commands or internal webpage.


Users can upload RS-232 commands to the EX-HDU to control other equipment such as turning a projector on and off. Commands can be triggered automatically by detecting video, or manually via the internal WebGUI, or by sensing open and close contact events on the I/O ports. For example, a simple toggle switch can be connected remotely to activate RS-232 commands for turning a projector on and off. The I/O ports can be configured to act as INPUTS or OUTPUTS. When an I/O port is configured as OUTPUT, it can trigger relays, for example to lower or raise a motorized projector screen.


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VGA, HDMI, MHL Auto-Switching Wall-Plate with HDBaseT™


3 inputs handle VGA, Component, HDMI (or DVI), and even MHL

Supports phone charging feature if MHL source is detected

VGA input is scaled to 1080p or user specified output resolution to ensure proper image

Supports all HDMI resolutions including 4K (UHD)

Can scale HDMI output resolution

Uses only one Cat6


The UHBX-SW3 is a kit comprised of a multi-input wall-plate sender and an HDBaseT™ receiver. The wall-plate accommodates 2 HDMI and 1 VGA inputs with audio. The HDMI #1input also supports MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) with phone-charging feature to allow video presentation from a smart-phone using just a passive cable. The VGA input also accepts YPbPr Component video. The sender can manually or automatically switch between the various inputs and extends the video using HDBaseT™ standard. To control the power on/off function of the remote display, the wall-plate can generate RS232, and IR control signals which are extended using the same Cat6 cable. Virtually all VGA and HDMI resolutions are supported including 4K (UHD). 4K video can be extended to 330 ft (100m) while 1080p signals can go as far as 500 ft (150m). The wall-plate is powered through the same cable from the receiver using PoH (Power-over-HDBaseT) standard, making installations as simple as possible. The UHBX-R-PSE receiver includes a small power supply and provides HDMI, RS-232 and IR outputs.


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UHBX Series

HDMI over UTP Extender with HDBaseT™ and PoH (Sender + Receiver )


The UHBX-Series are extender kits ( combination of UHBX-S + UHBX-R ) from Hall Research that utilizes HDBaseT™ technology. It can send HDMI, IR, bi-directional RS-232, and PoH (Power-over-HDBaseT™) to 500 ft (150 m) on a single Cat6 cable.


It is available in 3 different versons:

• Regular box sender and receiver

• Decora Wall Plate sender with box receiver

• 1 x 3 splitter sender with separate box receivers


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UH-2D Series

HDMI over 2 CAT6 Extender Kits


Hall Research's Model UH-2D is a member of the Hall Research HD-Cat™ video extension product line. The HD-2D extender kit uses two Cat6 cables to extend high definition video well beyond the limitations of HDMI cable. The Sender and Receiver set support HDCP, Deep-Color, 3D and can achieve a distance of up to 170 ft @ 1080i/720p or 130 ft @ 1080p resolution.


A single power supply is provided that can be plugged at either end for easy installation. The extender equalizes TMDS video using state of the art technology for a crisp image, and buffers the DDC channel for error free EDID and HDCP operation that help prevent image dropouts. The extender can also extend single link DVI video from any PC.


The HD-Cat™ family of products are designed and manufactured in the USA. They offer a reliable and low-cost alternative to HDBaseT extenders for shorter distances. The HD-2D extender is typically sold as a kit, however senders and receivers are also separately available for purchase. There is also a single-gang Decora® style wall-plate of the sender side.


It is available in 3 different versons:

• Regular box sender and receiver

• Decora Wall Plate sender with box receiver

• 1 x 3 splitter sender with separate box receivers


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Programmable 8-button IP Keypad Wall Plate with PoE


The UI-IP8-DP is a programmable 8-button IP keypad capable of sending user programmed TCP/Telnet commands to other IP enabled equipment on the same network. It provides one Relay contact output that can be opened or closed based on the user programming.

Commands are triggered by pressing keypad buttons, by accessing the embedded webpage or by the user programming of day/time schedules. You can program and recall up to 16 individual macros to send TCP messages/commands to many IP enabled and IoT systems such as AV distribution, factory automation, security, keypad access.

Each button has two (2) color LEDs where the on/off state, color and brightness are programmable. The UI-IP8-DP includes a power supply or power can come from the compatible LAN network using PoE (Power over Ethernet).

The UI-IP8-DP includes integrated battery-backed clock/calendar allowing the user to send commands based on specific day/time schedules. For example, each evening the UI-IP8-DP powers off and each morning powers on the devices it controls on the network.

Need to control devices with RS-232 ports? You can do that by adding the optional CNT-IP-2 that provides two RS-232 ports (see block diagram tab).


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Universal Audio Delay Processor


The AD-340 is an audio delay processor with universal analog (L/R) and digital (SPDIF) inputs and outputs. Both outputs are simultaneously active, enabling conversion between analog stereo audio to LPCM or vice versa. Delay time can be specified in milliseconds, frames, or distance depending on the application. Analog inputs provide +/- 24 db of gain for direct connection of low level mic as well as handling 2vrms line-level signals. The AD-340's digital I/O support 2-channel linear PCM, 5.1 Channel Dolby Digital, and DTS Surround encoded bitstreams at any sampling rate from 32KHz to 96KHz.


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