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At a time when it seems that every other mount company in the industry is producing most or all of their products overseas, we at Peerless-AV ® have been busy expanding our manufacturing operations in the United States—focused on improving quality and innovation.

Our facility is unlike any other manufacturing space in the world; it's the only facility dedicated to producing both AV mounts and technology solutions under one roof. Headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, USA, our state-of-the-art building totals over 322,000 square feet, and comprises a wide array of automated equipment, designed to improve quality, accuracy and consistency, speed our products to market and reduce our reliance on outside suppliers.

We have developed unique processes and built proprietary production lines focused on producing our mounting solutions and dedicated a clean room manufacturing space to advanced technology labs for our Peerless ® Technologies Division products.






KIPC Series

Multimedia Portrait Kiosks


Make a statement with Peerless-AV's versatile digital signage kiosk which offers unprecedented elegance in the large format kiosk sector. Designed to support ultrathin or thicker commercial displays, this sleek kiosk provides ample space to integrate
a media player, interactive touch system, camera, etc., to create a complete interactive customer experience. Paired with a wide range of aesthetic options, this kiosk makes it easy to execute any advertising or brand strategy..


•• Architectural aluminum and steel kiosk with 3/8" steel oval base plate
provides stability, strength and corrosion-resistance for any indoor environment

•• High-performance, premium powdercoat finish protects the unit and extends the
product lifespan for years •• Two 25CFM (25db) thermostat fans quietly exhaust heat

•• Six outlet, UL- and cUL-approved surge supressor with 6' cord to protect voltage-sensitive

components from damaging power surges •• Internal micro-adjustments allow for quick positioning

of display within the kiosk window for flush alignment

•• Combination locks on back bi-level doors allow access only to parts requiring
maintenance, with no threat of lost keys •• Stand-alone or fully integrated with
display, audio components, media player and input components

•• Supports a wide range of aesthetic options, including multiple colors and
vinyl wraps, to match any branding strategy

•• Pre-assembled to simplify installation of entire solution


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DS-MBZ Series

DS-VW765-LAND - Full-Service Video Wall Mount


Peerless-AV’s quick service restaurant (QSR) Menu Board Mount is designed to create a seamless mounting surface through connecting wall plates. Continuous and fixed tilt options allow all displays to be tilted at the same angle with ease, creating a flawless alignment. The QSR Menu Board Mount allows for tool-less height adjustment and four-corner depth adjustment to alleviate issues with wall imperfections and fine-tuning. The kickstand feature holds the bottom of the display away from the wall during cable connection, reducing installation time and cost. Available in landscape and portrait design options, Peerless-AV offers a one-to-one ordering process, making the QSR Menu Board Mount the perfect mounting solution.



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Full-Service Video Wall Mount


Video walls should be easy to configure, quick to install, and a snap to maintain. No, it's not a dream, it's the DS-VW765-LAND Full-Service Video Wall Mount from Peerless-AV. Create any configuration imaginable, but leave the tedious calculations to the custom wall plate spacers. Just install the first mount. Then use the custom wall plate spacers to perfectly place each additional mount on the wall. No measuring, no guessing, no mistakes. It couldn't be simpler. The innovative design combined with a mount that is ready-to-install right out of the box makes this the fastest installing video wall system ever. Now in a design that is 20% lighter than previous models and loaded with time saving features like no-tool-required micro-adjustments and easy-access to any display for quick serviceability it's the ultimate video wall mounting solution..


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KIP5 Series

KIP Series

Portrait Kiosk Enclosure


Make a statement with Peerless-AV's versatile digital signage kiosk. Designed to support ultra-thin or thicker commercial displays, this kiosk accentuates the sleek looks of the flat panel display while providing ample space to integrate a media player, interactive touch system, camera, etc, to create a complete interactive kiosk experience. Paired with a wide range of aesthetic options, this modular line of kiosks makes it easy to execute any advertising or branding strategy.


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Custom Kiosks

Customized and Personalized Custom Kiosks Enclosures are also available


Creativity and innovation run through the veins of Peerless-AV and as a long-time kiosk manufacturer, we're thrilled to present you with samples of our sleek, custom products all in one, convenient place. The kiosks are organized into seven different categories and the table of contents is clickable for ease of browsing. We hope our inventions sparks some ideas of your own!


Contact your Erikson Commercial Area Sales Executive to find out more, and inquire how we can help you designed and deliver a personalized solution for your customers.


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Peerless-AV -

New Xtreme High Bright Outdoor Displays

Fully-Sealed Outdoor Flat Panel Display


There has never been an outdoor daylight readable display built to withstand the harsh outdoor elements like the Peerless-AV® Xtreme™ High Bright. With unmatched capabilities, Xtreme High Bright Outdoor Displays are the perfect digital signage or entertainment solution for any professional application. Offering top-of-the-line outdoor video quality, along with the durability and longevity backed by a two-year warranty, Peerless-AV® Xtreme High Bright Outdoor Displays will take your business to the next level.


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xtreme appl






PeerAir™ Pro Wireless AV Multi-Display System


When running cables is not an option, stream HD content wirelessly with the PeerAir™ Pro Wireless AV Multi-Display System. With four inputs and the ability to multicast to up to six displays, this wireless workhorse streams Full HD 1080p and passive 3D signals up to 210ft (64m) to an HDTV, projector or any other display. For new installations and retrofits alike, this kit is a time-saving tool for professional AV integrators in both commercial and residential applications.


Full HD 1080p (60Hz) (24/30 fps) and passive 3D signal flow, ideal for ultra-fast signal streaming


Long range, high-quality streaming up to 210ft (64m)* with no reduction of picture quality


Multicast up to six PeerAir™ Pro Wireless Receivers**


Transmits through walls and ceilings for multi-room streaming capability


The PeerAir™ Pro (802.11n) creates it’s own network without interfering with existing WiFi networks


Built-in IR does not require line-of-sight placement to control source devices such as a DVR/ set-top box, satellite box, Blu-ray®/ DVD player, media server, VCR or game console


Plug and play set up requires no software or driver installation


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