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What is HDTools ?

PureLink's HDTools are additional products and accessoriesthat complement a wide variety of PureLink Solutions. HDTools products can be utilized to complete an installation and to offer additional functionality for individual applications. PureLink's HDTools includes Ultra HD/4K integrated Matrix Switchers, modular and rack-mountable extender pairs, format converters, HDMI emulator/testers, distribution amplifiers, and much more.


Ask yourself, "What's in your A/V Toolkit?"


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HDTools UX-Series - Matrix Switcher


The UX-Series from PureLink provides switching of up to eight HDMI 2.0 inputs and outputs and incorporates the latest technologies available on the market including HDR and HDCP 2.2 compliance. The UX Series matrix switchers also feature a built-in web page interface allowing convenient set-up, user access, control, and operation through any web browser on devices such as laptops or tablets. 


Together with advanced EDID management and added security features, the UX Series delivers a true, first-in-class Ultra HD multi-zone signal distribution solution ideal for corporate conferencing, education, and hospitality environments, to name a few.


Key Features

• 4x4 HDMI 2.0 matrix switching
• Resolutions up to 4K@50/60 Hz (4:4:4 pixel format)
• HDCP 2.2 compliant
• HDR support
• Built-in web interface for convenient setup & operation
• Bi-directional RS232/LAN control
• Locking HDMI ports


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HDTools HTX-Series - Ultra HD HDMI to HDBaseT Matrix Switcher with POE


Perfectly suited for a control room, board room, or family room, the HTX-4400-U & HTX-8800-U performs world-class HDMI to HDBaseT™ matrix switching with Ultra HD/4K, HDCP v2.2 and POE support.


The HTX-4400-U provides independent switching of (4) Ultra HD/4K sources to (4) remote destinations via HDBaseT™ (with HTX receivers, sold separately) and (4) local destinations via HDMI. It also provides convenient third-party control system compatibility via TCP/IP, RS-232 or IR, comprehensive EDID management, and a compact 1RU, rack-mountable chassis for easy installation.


The HTX-8800-U provides independent switching of (8) Ultra HD/4K sources to (8) remote destinations via HDBaseT™ (with HTX receivers, sold separately) and (8) local destinations via HDMI. It also provides convenient third-party control system compatibility via TCP/IP, RS-232 or IR, comprehensive EDID management, and a compact 2RU, rack-mountable chassis for easy installation.

Key Features :


• (4 or 8) Ultra HD/4K HDMI inputs matrix switchable to (4 or 8) Ultra HD/4K HDBaseT extenders

• HDCP v2.2 compliance

• HDMI 1.4b Ultra HD performance


• HDBaseT 5-play technology for 328 ft. extension of :

- Ultra HD/4K video

- HD multichannel audio

- Bi-directional IR

- RS-232 extension

- Ethernet extension

- PoE (no local power required for extenders)


• Mirrored HDMI/HDBaseT outputs, providing up to 8 or 16 possible output connections

• 3-year parts and labor warranty, extends to 5-year when used exclusively with PureLink TotalWire™ CATx cable (some restrictions may apply, ask factory for details)


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HDTools HX-4400S - 4x4 Multiview HDMI/VGA Matrix Switcher


The HDTools HX-4400S provides seamless switching and scaling of up to four HDMI or VGA sources to four HD displays with built-in Multiview and video wall functionalities, delivering high-impact digital signage in any retail or entertainment space.


The HX-4400S is a (4) HDMI or VGA input to (4) HDMI output integrated matrix switcher featuring built-in Auto-scaling, Multiview, and video wall functionalities for reliable, high-impact digital signage and presentation applications.

The HX-4400S provides a reliable and convenient solution for displaying content from four HD or analog sources on up to four separate HDTV displays. Each of the windows can be individually scaled and positioned on the screen as desired. Together with PureLink's legendary Don't Blink™ Seamless Switching technology, the HX-4400S ensures a clean, quick switch with zero loss and noise protection. Four factory presets offer the most commonly used window configurations, along with a video wall mode. The HX-4400S is HDCP compliant with support for input and output resolutions up to 1080p, as well as control via RS-232C and LAN.


Key Features :


• Don't Blink™ Seamless Switching with Auto-scaling

• Resolutions up to 1080p and 1920x1200 (WUXGA)

• HDCP compliant

• Default pre-configured Multiview window arrangements and video wall function

• Custom Multiview window layouts can be accessed via front panel buttons

• User-selectable playback of HDMI audio content from any of the four inputs

• Controllable via front panel controls, LAN, and RS-232
• Easy firmware upgrade via web server interface


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** HX-Series Matrix are also available in non-multiviewer versions, in 4x2, 4x4, 8x2 and 8x4 configuration. **









HDTools PS-6200 - 6x2 Presentation Switcher with 2x2 built-in Audio Matrix


The PS-6200 is a complete, high definition A/V signal-routing solution for simple conferencing environments, including classrooms, boardrooms, and video-conference rooms. This all-in-one presentation switcher combines multi-format inputs, video matrix routing and scaling, audio matrix routing, audio insertion/extraction capabilities, as well as analog to digital (or vice versa) signal conversion, all in a single RU space enclosure. Together with PureLink’s industry-renown “Seamless Switching Technology,” the PS-6200 provides a simple, flexible, and high-performance video-conferencing or presentation solution.


Key Features :


• 6 Inputs: 2 x 3G/HD-SDI, 1 x CVBS, 1 x HDMI, 1 x DVI, and 1 x VGA Inputs

• 2+1 Outputs: 1 x HDMI, 1 x DVI, and 1 x VGA Output(DVI & VGA are mirrored outputs

• Hybrid Matrix Switcher

• Standard Built-in Auto-Scaling on All the Outputs with Seamless Switching.

• 2x2 Audio Matrix Router with Audio Breakaway and Audio Insertion

• Auto-EDID (EDID Library & Emulation)


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HDTools HCE II Tx/Rx Kit- 4K HDMI over HDBaseT Extension System


The HCE II 4K HDMI over HDBaseT Tx/Rx Kit provides an accessible, easy-to-install solution for extending HDMI video and embedded audio over long distances using a single CATx cable. The HCE II supports full 3D content and extends uncompressed HDCP- protected HDMI content and embedded lossless audio formats with bi-directional control signals (IR) up to 230 feet (70m) at 1080p and up to 130 feet (40 meters) at 4K/Ultra-HD resolutions. 


Key Features :


• Based on HDBaseT® Technology

• Ultra-slim design

• Supports cable lengths up to 230 ft. (70 m) for resolutions up to 1080p

• Supports cable lengths up to 130 ft. (40 m) for resolutions up to Ultra HD/4K

• HDMI v1.4 support

• IR control


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HDTools HTR Tx/Rx Kit - HDMI, RS-232, IR, ARC & Ethernet Extender over HDBaseT with 3D, 4K Support


The HTR Tx/Rx extension system provides reliable long-range extension of HDMI video/audio, bi-directional RS-232/IR control signals, and Ethernet over a single CATx cable. The HTR Tx/Rx supports the latest Ultra HD/4K standards including full 3D support, HDMI Ethernet Channel, and Audio Return Channel (ARC), and is designed using HDBaseT technology for lossless signal transmission up to 330ft (100m).


Key Features :


• Extends 4K HDMI, Ethernet, ARC, RS-232, and IR over a single CATx cable

• Ultra HD (4K@30Hz) extension up to 330 ft. (100 m)

• HDCP compliant

• Bi-directional IR and RS-232

• Switchable audio de-embed or ARC breakout on Transmitter


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HDTools F1 Tx/Rx Kit - Ultra-HD/4K HDMI over Single Fiber Extender


Fiber-Optic KVM Extension for Ultra-HD/4K HDMI & USB… in its Sleekest Form


PureLink advances its HDTools™ lineup with the “F1” Ultra-HD/4K  HDMI over Single Fiber Extender.  An industry first, the F1 provides extension of Ultra-HD/4K HDMI v1.4b with full HDCP compliance up to 300 meters, as well as USB up to 200 meters, all over a single multimode fiber cable.  

Smaller is Better
The F1 transmitter and receiver modules feature a sleek, compact casing with mounting attachments for ease of installation. Together with full KVM operability, the F1 is the most complete and reliable solution for long-distance Ultra-HD/4K signal transmission. 


Key Features :


• HDMI 1.4b Compatibility: Ultra HD 4K transport and extension

• USB extension for full KVM operations

• Single Fiber provides 300 meters HDMI 4K distance

• Styled casing with bottom mounting attachments


Common Applications :


• Self-service Ticketing Kiosks (airports, movie theaters, etc.)

• Informational Kiosks (museums, galleries, exhibitions)

• Bank ATMs

• Digital Signage

• Interactive White Boards


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HDTools HT-150 - 1 x 5 HDMI to HDBaseT Distribution Amplifier


Do More, Go Further…

The HT-150 provides distribution of HDMI over four HDBaseT outputs, extending HDMI up to 330 ft (100 m) to four remote locations over a single category CATx cable. An additional HDMI output allows confidence or local monitoring, a feature not offered by other brands. The HT-150 also delivers immediate system analysis with status LEDs that indicate signal present on the input and display sensing on the outputs, an exclusive diagnostic only offered by PureLink’s HDTools™ line.


The PureLink Advantage

PureLink innovations in EDID management are carried on in the HT-150, allowing the operator to enable any of the outputs EDID to communicate the signal requirements to the source device, or select the internal 1080p EDID to ensure successful operation regardless of EDID information from any of the connected displays. Extend your infrared in either direction with the included infrared repeater and transmitter. Optional extenders, such as the HCE II Rx are fully compatible with the HT150, including infrared functions, allowing infrared control of remote displays, sources, or other IR devices.


Key Features :


• Distribute a single source to five (5) displays

• I/O Ports: 1 x HDMI IN, 1 x HDMI OUT, and 4 x CATx OUT (HDBaseT)

• Extend a single source at 1080p up to 330ft over single category CATx cable with PureLink’s HDBaseT extender receivers
(Note: the HCE II Rx supports max distance of 230 ft.)

• Direct compatibility with PureLink’s HDBaseT extender receivers, eliminating the need for matching transmitters

• Supported resolutions: uncompressed high definition video up to 1080p@60Hz

• HDMI v1.3 with 3D support

• HDCP compliant

• Local HDMI output for in room display, AVR, or cascading to another distribution amplifier

• IR control for remote locations


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HDTools HDS-21RS - 2 x 1 HDMI Switcher with Scaling


The HDTools HDS-21RS is a 2-HDMI input to 1-HDMI output switcher and scaler providing easy switching between two HDMI source signals to a single high definition display.  The HDS-21RS features auto-scaling of any video signal up to 1080p, as well as PIP (picture-in-picture) technology offering built-in multi-view functionality.

Together with PureLink’s Don’t Blink™ Seamless Switching Technology, as well as user-friendly configuration and operation via RS-232, IR, or front panel control, the HDS-21RS delivers a simple and effective multi-input A/V switching solution.


Key Features :


• Switch  easily between any two HDMI sources

• Don’t Blink™ Seamless Switching Technology with Auto-scaling

• Multi-viewer with PIP (picture in picture) display technology

• Device selection via front panel buttons, IR remote control, and RS- 232

• HDCP compliant


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HDS-21RS Modes




HDTools HDWall-100 - 2x2 Multi-input Video Wall Processor


The HDWall-100 divides a single HDMI input signal to four displays in a 2x2 configuration. A fifth HDMI output allows multiple processors to be cascaded together to drive even larger video wall configurations. With support for multiple source formats including HDMI, USB, VGA, and SVBS, the HDWall-100 provides a simple, high performance video wall solution for a variety of digital signage applications.


Key Features :


• Split and scale a single HD source to four displays

• Multi-format functionality supports HDMI, USB, VGA, and SVBS inputs

• Supports resolutions up to 1080p

• HDCP compliant

• Additional HDMI loop-out for cascading/linking multiple processors

• USB port supports video, picture, and music playback

• Adjustable bezel correction

• Convenient control options include LAN, IR and RS232

• Advanced de-interlaced adoption technology for optimal picture quality with interlaced signal


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HDTools UHD-280 - 2x8 Ultra HD/4K HDMI Distribution Amplifier


The HDTools™ UHD-280 is a high performance distribution amplifier with Ultra HD/4K support designed to switch between two HDMI sources and send the signal simultaneously to eight displays . With built-in equalization and re-clocking technology, the UHD-280 provides uninterrupted A/V signal transmission over longer distances.

The UHD-280 offers simple plug and play functionality for easy operation without programming or a control system. Along with a durable and low power consumption design, the UHD-280 is ideal for use in home theater, presentation, and other multimedia applications.


Key Features :


• 2-HDMI input to 8-HDMI output switcher and splitter

• Supports  full 3D and video resolutions up to 4K@60Hz

• Equalization and re-clocking for optimal signal quality

• Auto-EDID management - factory default settings and EDID emulation

• Active input & output LED indicators

• RS-232 control

• HDCP compliant


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HDTools HC-VH1 - VGA to HDMI Converter w/Audio


The HDTools™ HC-VH1 converts PC/laptop VGA signals up to Full HD (1920x1080p) to high definition HDMI with stereo audio, providing output resolutions up to Full HD (1920x1080p). The HC-VH1 also features embedding of audio into the HDMI signal, maintaining seamless VGA to HDMI conversion.


Key Features :


• Converts VGA signals to high definition HDMI with stereo audio

• Supports output resolutions up to 1080p@60Hz

• Embeds audio signals into the HDMI signal

• Maximum data transfer rate up to 6.75Gbps for quick error-free transmission

• Can be powered directly from the VGA source


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HDTools HEXA01 - HDMI Audio Extractor with PCM Multi Channel to 2 Channel Downmixing


PureLink’s HEXA01 is an audio extractor for HDMI with PCM multi-channel to 2-channel downmixing capabilities. The HEXA01 - housed in a compact, portable frame, along with low power consumption – provides a simple and convenient way to extract audio from an HDMI signal. The HEXA-01 features outputs for analog stereo, and digital S/PDIF, and supports HDMI1.4, 48-Bit Deep Color, as well as full 3D.


Key Features :


• HDMI Audio Extractor with PCM Multi Channel to 2 Channel Downmixing.

• Simultaneous HDMI, analog stereo and digital S/PDIF outputs

• HDMI Output Audio On/Off

• HDMI 1.4 with full 3D support

• HDMI input supports 48-Bit Deep Color, and 7.1 Channel Dolby TruHD & DTS Master HD

• HDCP compliant

• Incoming and Output Signal Indicator

• Auto-EDID management (EDID preset, Emulation


** HEXA01 supports downmixing of up to 5.1 channel PCM audio sources. It does not support downmixing of 7.1 channel PCM audio sources.


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