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What is PureMedia ?

PureLink's PureMedia Solutions offer the only complete, truly modular, digital A/V signal distribution systems - proven to work and fully expandable from 8x8 to 256x256 and more. From video-conferencing to digital signage to command-and-control, PureMedia Cross-Platform Matrix Switchers distribute the highestquality A/V and control sigals where you need it to be, in real time, every time.


Quality Design With You in Mind


PureLink understands that each project has a unique set of requirements and limitations. That's why PureLink is committed to delivering solutions that fit bestwith the customer's needs. PureMedia Solutions combine the industry's fastest switching speeds (PureLink's "Don't BlinK" Technology) with a modular design and the most flexible, hybrid architecture, built for the convenience of the user in any application or environment.


PureLink's PureMedia line-up features:


▪ Matrix Switcher Frames with I/O Cards

▪ HDBaseT Extenders

▪ Fiber Optics Extenders

▪ Rack Frames Extenders


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PureMedia PM-Series - Matrix Switcher Frames


PureMedia™ (PM) is a complete media and data distribution management solution, proven to work consistently
and seamlessly to provide a scalable, configurable, controllable, and reliable HD ecosystem. PureMedia signal
management solutions combine the industry's fastest switching speeds with the most flexible, hybrid architecture,
built for the convenience of the user – now and in the future.




▪ Available in 8x8, 16x16, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 80x80, 128x128, 180x180 and 256x256

▪ Ultra HD/4K

▪ Universal Cross-Platform Architecture

▪ Fully Modular and Expandable

▪ Motore™ 4K Scaling

▪ Diagnostics

▪ EDID Management

▪ Control


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PureMedia PM-Series - Modular I/O cards


PureMedia™ (PM) offers I/O cards in the following formats:

▪ HDMI (Multiviewer Output Card Available)

▪ DVI (Multiviewer Output Card Available)

▪ HDBaseT (CATx)

▪ Fiber




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PureMedia HDBaseT Extenders


PureLink's PureMedia HDBaseT Extenders provide a complete, easy-to-install distribution solution for schools, conference rooms, auditoriums, churches, and more, for extending uncompressed HDMI video, audio, and control signals up to 330 feet (100 meters) over a single CAT-x cable. Supports Ultra HD/4K with IR and RS-232. Transmitters and Receivers are available in box or wall plate versions. The box transmitter enables the connection of HDMI source to HDMI or DVI display while using CATx output, and the wall plate transmitter enables the connection of HDMI and VGA source to HDBaseT display with female 3.5mm audio out jack and RS232.


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PureMedia Fiber Optic Extenders


PureLink's PureMedia Fiber Optic Extenders provide a very easy and reliable solution for extending uncompressed HD Video, audio, and control signals up to 32,808 feet (10,000 meters) by single mode. Enable the connection of HDMI source to HDMI or fiber optic display. Some models featuring built-in 4K auto-scaling technology powered by Motore™.


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PureMedia Configurable Rack FrameExtenders


The PureMedia RF4-U Rack Mountable Extension Center is a complete extension solution equipped with a series of smaller transmitter and receivers designed for slot-loading into a main chassis. The RF4-U houses up to four (4) Ultra HD/4K transmitter or receiver modules, available in HDMI, HDBaseT, and Fiber inputs and outputs, all in a 1-RU space with a single power source.


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