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TOTALWIRE™ embodies PureLink's proprietary transport standards, protocols, and cables for each HD Video connectivity platform utilized in our solutions, currently 3G/HD-SDI, CATx (HDBaseT), DVI, HDMI, and Fiber.


Global, Future-Proof, Certified Connectivity Solutions

The TOTALWIRE™logo on a PureLink product signifies that each HD Video port conforms to our custom specifications for reliable, high-performance connectivity. While fully compatible with industry-standard cables, connecting these ports with PureLink's TOTALWIRE cables further ensures optimal transmission quality. Find peace of mind with PureLink's complete, end-to-end signal distribution solutions powered by TOTALWIRE.


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TOTALWIRE™ ULS1000 - Certified High Speed HDMI Cable with Security Lock



As more and more devices are designed with awkwardly positioned HDMI sockets, any accidental movement or pulling weight of the cable can easily disengage the connector, contributing to partial or even complete signal loss. The Ultra-Lock System (ULS™) features a patented locking mechanism that extends and holds the connector in place. The universal 360 ° locking switch is fully compatible with existing HDMI receptacles and allows easy on/off locking positions with color indicators.



The Ultimate Series HDMI cables feature backward and forward compatibility, complying with the latest multimedia standards including HDMI 2.0 and supporting resolutions up to Ultra HD/4K @ 60Hz, as well as full 3D. An integrated Ethernet channel allows 100MBit network transmission for IP-based applications over HDMI, such as home entertainment (TVs, set-top boxes, and game consoles), eliminating the need for additional wiring.

With exclusive, high-tech construction and design features including high purity OFC tinned copper wire, triple shielding, 24 ct. gold plated contacts, and APO Technology (Active Performance Optimizer), the Ultimate Series offers optimum transmission quality with added security and durability.



• High-speed with Ethernet

• HDMI 2.0 for 3D and Ultra HD/4K support

• Innovative ULS™ (Ultra Lock System) technology

• High-purity OFC copper wire, 3-fold shielding

• APO Technology (Active Performance Optimizer)*
*for 5m, 7.5m, and 10m lengths only


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TOTALWIRE™ PI1000 - PureInstall HDMI Spring Loaded Cable


PureLink’s PI1000 Series Spring-Loaded HDMI Cables support all HD resolutions and formats including 1080p, 4K, and 3D. Integrated Ethernet channel technology consolidates video, audio, and data transmission into a single HDMI cable, combining optimum transmission quality with bi-directional networking at up to 100Mb/sec. The PI-1000 Series also feature PureLink’s new “Secure Lock System,” which provides a secure and stable connection to HD devices despite heavy strain. The locking connectors have a hold on the HDMI port many times greater than a conventional HDMI cable, delivering up to 25 lbs. of retention force. When the connector is inserted into any HDMI device, the built-in lock automatically engages. To release the cable, simply pull back on the cable’s spring-loaded connector cover to unlock and disengage the cable.


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TOTALWIRE™ EZ-H2 - Certified Integrated HDMI Over Fiber Cable


All the Advantages, None of the Hassle

PureLink’s TOTALWIRE™EZ-H2 fiber cables are completely self-powered and available in pre-terminated lengths with both plenum and UL riser sleeves. The EZ-H2 can simply be used as a regular HDMI cable for powerful, long-distance extension without the need for additional extenders, equalizers, or power supplies.

The EZ-H2 delivers ultimate reliability and convenience for an EZ-In, EZ-Out fiber transport solution.


Key Features :


• HDMI 2.0

• Supports all PC and HDTV resolutions up to 4K / Ultra HD

• 3D Support with 36-bit Deep Color

• Pre-terminated lengths up to 50 meters (164 ft.)

• Incorporates active transceivers inside connectors

• Immune from electrical noise (EMI & RFI)

• Plug-n-play (no additional power supply required)

• HDCP Compliant
• Plenum Rated


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* Also available as EZ-D with detachable DVI connectors.





TOTALWIRE™ PI5000 - PureInstall DisplayPort Cable with TotalWire Technology


The DisplayPort cable PI5000 of the PureInstall series are suitable for the high reliability especially for professional applications and installations. Optimally efficient to connect two DisplayPort devices such as a computer and a monitor with resolutions up to 4K@60Hz / UltraHD @60Hz.


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TOTALWIRE™ CX - CATx High Performance Cable


Set and Forget


PureLink’s TOTALWIRE™ CX Series High Performance Cables with End-to-End Shield and lifetime warranty rids installations of all concerns. The TOTALWIRE™ CX design offers a “set and forget” cabling system that effectively delivers ruggedness, reliability, compliance, and peace of mind to many data-sensitive applications such as government, gaming, medical, and financial installations.


The TOTALWIRE™ CX is designed to support 10 Gigabit data transmission including Ultra HD/4K and HDBaseT in high noise environments. The End-to-End Shield features individually shielded pairs to ensure minimal crosstalk. The TOTALWIRE™ CAT-X is also an ideal companion to PureLink’s PureMedia and HDTools line of HDBaseT extension systems for optimum range and performance.


Built to Last


PureLink’s TOTALWIRE™ CX cables feature a shielded, solid built connector, ensuring that this critical point is as reliable as any other point of the cable. The high quality construction of both the cable and plug makes the TOTALWIRE™ CX design ideal for high bandwidth signal transmission including Ultra HD/4K, PoE, and control. The TOTALWIRE™ CX is compliant with U/FTP specifications, ISO/IEC11801 shielding, ANSI/TIA-568-C.2, and outperforms any other cable system in its class for all Ultra HD/4K and HDBaseT 2.0 applications.


Key Features


• Quality Construction – shielded connector and 4 shielded twisted pairs (U/FTP)

• Lifetime Warranty

• Optimized for HDBaseT Installations

•  Available Lengths – pre-terminated lengths up to 330 ft. (100m) / bulk reels of 1000 ft.


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TOTALWIRE™ HBM-01 - Tools-Less CATx/HDBaseT Termination Kit


PureLink’s TOTALWIRE™ HBM-01 EZ Connectors are Tools-Less CATx/HDBaseT re-usable Termination Kit.


Key Features


• Fast, accurate and reliable termination of Gigabit Ethernet cables

• Detachable wiring bridge for ease of use

• Robust snap fit outer casing

•  Delivers exceptional performance while streamlining installations


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On top of its large cable offering, PureLink’s TOTALWIRE™ also offers a variety of couplers and adapters for connecting HDMI, Mini-HDMI and DVI equipment.


Key Features


• Precision fit and gilded Premium Contacts

• Compact size

• Especially suitable for professional applications and installations

•  Some with Port Saver feature for relieving sockets and larger bend radius


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