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CAD Audio originally took shape as the Astatic Corporation, founded in 1931 by C.M. Chorpening and F.H. Woodworth, two ham radio operators with a passion for clean, clear audio transmissions. This passion led them to the development of the highly acclaimed D-104 mic, revolutionary in its ability to perform without static.

This "Astatic" characteristic became the company's namesake and led to many innovative products including phonograph pickups and cartridges, while also laying foundations for the production of recording heads.

Astatic Commercial Audio Products has continued its growth since then with industry leading solutions for commercial AV applications such as airports, schools, courthouses, Houses of Worship and corporate boardrooms. The company remains key to CAD Audio's portfolio for today's integrators, consultants and architects with patented innovations such as Variable Pattern microphones.

CAD (Conneaut Audio Devices) Professional Microphones was initially formed as the Pro Division of the company to serve the emerging recording and live sound markets in the early '80s, segments not served by Astatic. Initially, CAD introduced a revolutionary servo circuit
console and breakthrough processing products.

The company went on to develop leading-edge high performance studio microphones such as the acclaimed Equitek Series E100, E200, E300, VSM1 and highly coveted VX2. Capitalizing on innovative engineering and home grown capsules/diaphragms, CAD emerged as a leader in recording microphones and literally defined the project studio revolution of the late 1980s and early 1990s.

More recently, CAD Audio has emerged as a multifaceted company with a variety of sub brands that extend to market segments such as Recording, Broadcast, Live Performance& Production, Commercial and Consumer Electronics. These sub brands include the CADLive, Acousti-Shield, StageSelect, USB and Sessions series of products. CAD Audio is also actively engaged in the Wireless Microphone, Wireless In-Ear-Monitor, Studio accessory, Headphone and USB markets.

CAD Audio continues to build upon over 85 years of innovation and success in the audio industry delivering innovative and highly
useful solutions for performers, engineers and a wide range of audio professionals. CAD Audio has emerged as a multifaceted company with a variety of the sub brands that extend to market segments such as Recording, Broadcast, Live Performance & Production, Commercial and Consumer Electronics.










A77 - Supercardioid Large Diaphragm Dynamic Side Address Microphone


CAD Audio reminisces a day gone by, back to its roots of high design and stellar, cutting edge performance and styling’s of the A77. Reissuing patent #185,712 as a symbol of its 85th anniversary celebration. The A77 reminds us that performance and style are key aspects of an artist’s success.


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CADLive - The Next Generation of Live Sound


CADLive is designed to outperform your expectations and deliver exceptional performance. Engineered to complement the new generation of exceptional sound systems — The CADLive Series taps our Equitek studio heritage along with our live sound know-how in creating an impactful and easy to use line of mics.


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Sessions - Headphones


CAD Audio continues its heritage of world class studio products with the Sessions series of headphones. Matched to complement your
needs — Studio, Live or Playback. Taking advantage of nearly eight decades of audio expertise, the SessionsTM headphones
deliver exceptional audio reproduction with the legendary performance, durability and comfort you expect from CAD Audio.


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USB - Microphones & Headsets


CAD Audio continues to lead the industry with compelling USB devices. The USB offering includes mics and audio devices for the professional, traveling, or everyday casual user in any environment. CAD offers a variety of innovative, affordable USB plug and play solutions designed around
evolving technology.


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ASTATIC Commercial - Installed Sound Microphones


The Astatic Commercial Series continues to offer unique products for the AV Systems Integrator, Sound Contractor, Design Consultants, and
Engineers. Astatic Commercial products feature industrial grade ruggedness, durability and reliability. This series is designed for years of ependable operation in higher education, government, house of worship and corporate AV applications. Features such as Variable Pattern Control, RF Resistant Architecture, Logic Compatibility, and external contact closures are only a few of the integrator friendly features found in the Astatic Commercial series.


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